Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How about a trip to the ER instead of hitting the highway?

Well, the good news is that my pneumonia is doing better!  We were supposed to leave at 5:30am today but Tom called me out of the shower to help him.  Severe abdominal pain on his right side.  UGH!  So, off to the ER we ran.  Thankfully we only had to wait 3 hours total and he was released with a diagnosis of....(can you guess?)....Pneumonia!  So after MAKING SURE with the doc that it's not contagious (I was beginning to wonder) we are home still today.  Trip plans are unknown but the doc said he can possibly travel tomorrow but definitely by Friday.  I sure hope we can still make it up even if it's just for a couple days after Christmas.  Santa will undoubtedly bring presents to Grandma and Grandpa's home due to the on again/unknown/on again/unknown plans.  

Emma is still well, although I'm feeling a little paranoid and watching her closely.  It's driving her crazy.  LOL. 

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Melanie said...

Oh, nooooo...SHELLY!!!! This is not supposed to be happening!!!! I hope you-all get to feeling better!

One of these days I really would LOVE to meet up and catch up with you!