Saturday, January 29, 2011

We Are Family

While putting away the lovely Christmas cards from my friends & family, I noticed that eventhough it was holiday greetings from the family it was only pictures of the children.  I love to see how everyone's children have grown each year but where is the family?  As a scrapbooker I take lots of pictures of my daughters and even at the portrait studio.  But, I want to see my friends & family too.  How will your family see you in years to come if you're never in the photos?  I HATE pictures of my self but I know it's an important legacy to leave for your children, grandchildren, and even the generations to come after you're gone. 

So, those are my thoughts today.  PLEASE put yourself in some of these pictures and send them or scrap them or both!!  We want to see you too.  Love you all and I hope to see pictures soon.  If you have some with the whole family, please comment to the blog post and show them to us.

Hugs to all,

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JuliAnne said...

This is a topic near to my heart. I just made some pages and remarked that I was missing. I'm a bit unhappy with where I'm at in my post-baby (who will be 3 in May) weight loss progress and had a year of incredible grief. I have actively encouraged friends to include themselves in the photos I receive. I need to follow my own remarks, heed your call, and work to create the self I want to be if I don't happen to care for the image in the pictures today. I don't want to be remembered as absent from their lives, as my family is now even more my life than it was before. Thanks for your post! It's helping me change myself!