Monday, January 4, 2010

Needs lots of cards in a hurry? This is for you...

As you know, Close To My Heart has such wonderful how-to books.  Wishes is the latest in the series and it's for cardmaking.  Did you know though that there are workshops in the Wishes book that can help you create groups of cards with three or more sheets of coordinating B&T and cardstock?  It's like have your very own workshop in your craft space!  Today I worked on one of the Wishes workshops and here's what I came up with using some papers off my shelf (click on photo for larger image with more detail).

These cards were made using the Everlasting paper pack (retired) and the Greetings Card workshop (Wishes, pg 111).  The workshop makes a total of 16 cards (2 each of 8 designs, not all shown here).  If you'll notice, the two additional pictures show the same card design rotated and modified slightly.  So with a little creativity you can come up with more that just 8 designs.  ;)  

If you don't have your Wishes book, contact me to find out how you can get one FREE.

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