Friday, October 1, 2010

SO EXCITED!! My 1st Studio J layouts

Hi everybody!  Since I have a Studio J membership I thought it a shame to let September sneak by without giving it a try again.  They've made updates to make it faster, simpler, and easier just as CTMH promises to be.  I'm thrilled to have tried it over the past few days!!  Now that I've ordered the layouts I made, I was able to order the FREE jpg files to post.  Tell me what y'all think (don't forget you can click on each layout for a more detailed view). 

All of the layouts of Emma's 3rd birthday and Build-a-Bear were done with a kit available only to Studio J members.  Some of the most exciting parts of the members?  The cost of each layout is $6.50 for a two page layout (just $3.25 a page!!) and you get the free JPG files.  There are other perks that are FREE so contact me to learn more about Studio J memberships, including trial memberships.

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Melanie said...

Shelly...these are GREAT! Thanks for sharing!