Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tri-fold card for upcoming workshop

So, you like making cards but want something a little different for a change.  Well, here's one you might consider because it's fast & easy.  Here are the pictures & instructions: 

Card base:  8" x 10.5", put into your cutter with 8" vertical, score at 3.5", turn around and score other end at 3.5".  Cut from one end a piece that is 3" high on the outer edge diagonally to the second score line.  Fold like an accordian.

Place patterned paper on front and inside back cover.  Place smaller piece of solid cardstock where you see second "page" of card, to show when card is folded.  Trim papers to match the diagonal on the base card.

Cuttlebug scallop circles in coordinating cardstock, cut in toward center of scallop every two scallops.  Fold larger scallop circle at each "petal" crimping it upward.  Follow same instructions for smaller cardstock scallop circle but crimp each "petal" downward.  Scallop a decorative center.  Add ribbon on front page and stamp interior as desired.

Voila!  Great card with a twist.  Show me what y'all come up with by uploading your pictures in your comments.

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